In our recently published article Why Verification & Compliance Are Costly & Time Consuming for All Sites (read it here), we emphasised the fact that the construction industry is currently and desperately awaiting a safe and secure digital solution. A solution that not only handles the verification of worker credentials but experience and eligibility to work in the UK, providing peace of mind and to ensure legal compliance for both the workers and the site owners.

Fortunately, V Site Pass, offer the solution through our bespoke contractor verification system, we use an end to end encrypted solution to securely store and share your information. V Site Pass store all your information securely. Safeguarding your data is an integral part of our business, we have therefore opted to host all data to the highest possible level with Amazon’s ISO27001 compliant AWS cloud infrastructure

Our Solution

V Site Pass provides a quick, accurate and continual verification process that benefits both the employers and the individual contractors using well-established technology. It’s seamless and proven to be operational to the highest possible standard, keeping information confidential and secure whilst also allowing high-ranking industry professionals and site managers to continuously make checks and any necessary modifications based on new qualifications and additional experience for the employees.

V Site Pass in Practice

When it comes to how V Site Pass actually functions, the system is comprised of two key elements; one that covers the client company who are issuing permits for work, and the other is tailored towards the employees/contractors.

Prior to arriving on site, every employee/contractor must submit their identity and qualification documentation for review and validation by our verification team. Once their credentials are verified, access to their V Site Pass app is granted.

This allows the permit offices to define the personnel, training and qualifications required for workers to carry out on-site tasks. Upon site arrival, the employee/contractor must share their relevant qualifications and experience via a secure application. In addition, the system will instantly verify an employee’s eligibility to work. This will help to vastly reduce overheads and removes responsibility from the site owner.

Ensuring Full Compliance on Site – Benefits to The Employer

Employers using V Site Pass are guaranteed to have fully compliant workforce on site. We guarantee that everybody working on a project will have had their identity, eligibility to work, professional qualifications, training and industrial medical credentials verified and locked into their app. This provides employers with the knowledge that everyone working on their site is who they say they are and are suitably qualified for the task they are being employed to carry out.

The Latest Tool for Contractors – Benefits to The Individual

V Site Pass is the latest and most innovative tool for contractors to organise and validate their professional qualifications and to record their ongoing work experience. It will allow them to upload and securely store ID documents, qualifications, training certificates and medical information, removing the need to physically carry paper credentials to every site.

Having all of their details in one secure app allows workers to choose who they share their personal information with, as well as being able to control when, where and how many times a third party can view their data. Sharing information and verified credentials in advance of any work starting means that the sites themselves will no longer need to retain copies of any personal documentation, from a GDPR perspective this prevents them becoming the data owner.

V Site Pass also allows workers to stay on track with their qualifications by providing advance notifications of expiration dates for every verified document they hold on the system to ensure they are always eligible and ready for work.


V Site Pass saves time and resource by verifying workers with our professional, reliable system allowing the issue of permits with ease, as well as delivering a safe and secure system for verification of worker experience to ensure legal compliance for site owners.