Launched 2019, V Site Pass was founded with disruption in mind, using our technology as a truly positive force to revolutionise the way companies verify their staff. The company brings together the experience of Michael Dodd (with over 25 years working strategically in the gas and oil industry) and Andy Stocks (who boasts over 26 years’ experience as a high-level software engineer).

Our purpose is to provide a, digital verification and compliance solution and solve the long-standing issue of how sites can ensure that all workers are not only legally eligible, but also hold the relevant qualifications. The distinct difference, however, is the desire to provide a technological solution that puts people, rather than process, at the heart of the matter.

Game Changer

Under the leadership of the two founders, the team at V Site Pass have worked tirelessly, to create a single system that is not only a game-changer for both employers and workers, but which is capable of taking safety and compliance to a whole new level.

Our unique platform not only verifies workers, it also provides users with the ability to build their ‘V Site Pass Fully Verified CV’ to showcase their experience, allowing them to stand out from their competition when looking for future projects and potential work.


With visibility and traceability at the heart of all compliance, the team specifically set out to create a single system that brings together all key information employers require.

The system has been created to enable the verification of individual contractor’s qualifications and experience instantly when signing onto permits to work, whilst also allowing the business to be agile and to respond to changes which would also ensure that it is able to comply with new regulations, shift its workforce, or move on to new locations when deemed necessary.

The Customer Being at The Heart

The core values of the company have been instilled throughout the research and development of V Site Pass, crucially with the customers placed amongst the highest priorities. With first-class customer service at the heart of the company, the team work tirelessly to ensure that the product and services that clients receive will always be to the highest standard.  The ongoing technological development of the system will also work to consistently exceed customer expectations.

The importance of trust and integrity are and will continue to be paramount, users can be confident the platform has an exemplary level of security to protect companies and individuals alike. Based on this, the team at V Site Pass have leveraged the latest technologies and infrastructure accessible in order to create their solution with a firm focus on security, integrity and privacy.


Employees & Community

At V Site Pass, we consider people to be our greatest asset, and our team are empowered to deliver the highest levels of specialty and to grow in their numerous disciplines. Sustainability and continued development of both the solution and the team has continued throughout the development process and remains at the core of everything we do.

As part of the development of the solution, the team are encouraged to nurture ongoing community engagement by contributing to local business organisations and non-profit companies. This occurs by ensuring that the business is not only helping to change the face of compliance within industry, but also by helping to positively impact the communities in which it works.


Since its launch at Construction Week 2019, the team at V Site Pass are in no doubt that they have certainly managed to achieve their goal in creating a solution that organisations are fast adopting as their ongoing compliance partner. From our vantage point, the most exciting aspect is that we are still in the early stages of this process, meaning that future modifications and mass adoption across varying industries, will mean that the solution will produce even greater efficiency and functionality over time. The journey has been rewarding for all involved, but this is just the beginning. Find out more about V Site Pass by visiting