Our CSR statement showcases that the local community is at the heart of our organisation whilst working to support skill sets and employment within the independent film industry.

Supporting the work of Foot in the Door films Community Interest Company directly expands our company‚Äôs corporate social responsibility and purpose includes not just key stakeholders of our business and investors; but also our customers and the communities in which we operate. 

Corporate social purpose requires businesses to make more strategic and responsible decisions around the community.  Foot in the Door Films CIC believes that that each human being is of value and has unique potential to develop.  Working together with businesses / brand ambassadors V Site Pass Ltd help engage the community in independent film development and production experiences that will identify the potential and support in the development of unrecognised talent. 

The bi product of this is not only a sustainable independent feature film industry which works to provide employment and allows Foot in the Door Films CIC to innovate and contribute to the economy but also a potential to increase the profits of the business by raising its profile by supporting hard to reach customers within the community.